4 thoughts on “Badges For Your Website

  1. Live 7 hrs away. Would like a session during the word-camp for those who have specific areas they would like help with.

    1. We’ve got you covered, Elinor. The happiness bar is a live help desk, where WordPress professionals sit, and wait, for you to ask them a question. Often populated with WordCamp speakers, organizers or volunteers, a rag-tag group of WordPress professionals are always around to HELP YOU WITH WHATEVER YOU NEED. Come prepared with your questions, conundrums, quagmires, and moreā€¦

    2. Elinor, we have a happiness room staffed by our WordPress gurus. Bring your questions there and you will get help on most anything you need. It is an amazing resource.

  2. Now you guys are sold out!!!! Any chance of getting a ticket or is there a wait-list? I would really like to attend. Website is not complete so don’t judge.

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