KidsCamp Atlanta

WordPress Kids CampThis year, if you have a ticket to WordCamp yourself,  you can bring your kid to Camp for free to attend  a Kid’s Camp workshop on Saturday,  March 15th.
Space is limited so get your kid a  free ticket today.
We’ll be offering a half day of programming  from 9-12 specifically for kids Jr Hi and up ( or younger upon request with demonstrated interest and experience) who are interested in learning more about WordPress. After the workshop, they can stay for lunch, and if they are up for it they are welcomed to go to the other sessions in the afternoon if you are supervising them.
Syed Balkhi, Sara Cannon, Micah Wood and Russell Fair will present several shortened sessions in a simple and easy to understand format geared specifically for kids who are interested in the basics of a WordPress site as well as an introduction to how a site is created from HTML, PHP and CSS.
The sessions will cover:

  1. Introduction to blogging, what it is and why you should care
  2. Coding Katas, learning to code takes practice
  3. Designing for WordPress, how we use themes to create amazing websites
  4. Next Steps with WordPress

The first session starts at 9 am Saturday and will conclude at lunchtime. Some of the sessions will be hands on;  bringing a laptop  with WordPress installed is encouraged.
Send your questions to Russell Fair through the contact form.