Recap of an Amazing Event

wordcamp atl 2014

After so much planning and anticipation, WordCamp Atlanta 2014 is now over. And what a WordCamp it was.

Some highlights this year were: selling out in just 48 hours, tremendous support from 18 sponsors, a beginner’s workshop by Georgia State  University, our first  KidsCamp,  forty-four presentations over two days in four tracks, over 20% of the speakers were women, a kickass organizing committee,  free parking, the special french fries at Noni’s after Camp, the happiness flowing from the happiness room. What else can I say?  It was an all around great time and fun to watch people get more than they ever thought possible.

The Loudermilk Center and the staff that run it are exceptional and we are so fortunate to have found them. It is a beautiful venue with feng shui that facilitates the creation of collaboration and community plus their food is incredible.  Their team really rolls out the red carpet for us.  One thing is, no matter how we try and explain to conference centers the bandwidth needed for this group of 500 wired attendees most venues just can’t wrap their heads around it. What I know for sure is that I will never believe the wifi is enough for any WordCamp anywhere and I will always have a plan B!

Thanks to each and everyone of you for making WordCamp Atlanta rock this year.  We’d love to hear from you about your experience. So leave your comments below.

We have a Flickr group with over 400 photos so far. It is an open group and you can add your images to it. Here are a just a few:

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  1. Had a great time and can’t wait til next year. I thank everyone involved!

    I have to say those two bearded men on the last picture sum up how amazing the weekend was!

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