Charleston Software Associates

Charleston Software Associates is a single-man WordPress Plugin operation based in Charleston South Carolina. The current focus is on improving the Store Locator Plus plugin for WordPress.
Charleston Software Associates was started by Lance Cleveland in 2012. It was a pet project that formed around the desire to get back to making a living writing code instead of managing people and negotiating business contracts. The closure of Cyber Sprocket Labs in order to escape continuous 60-hour work weeks was the catalyst. Store Locator Plus, at the time a soon-to-be-orphaned project, provided the perfect opportunity to get back to coding.
Today, there are over 40,000 Store Locator Plus installations worldwide and over 4,000 registered premium add-on customers. New premium add-on packs and improvements to the free base plugin is an ongoing process. Looking to the future, I have begun working with several part-time developers as I continue working toward providing the best locator plugin in the world.

Contact: Lance Cleveland
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Twitter: @LanceCleveland