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We have been putting our heads together to try to come up with an even better WordCamp experience for everyone this year. Our previous WordCamps here in Atlanta have been amazing but, there are always things that can be tweaked. This year our theme is WordPress for Everyone. In keeping with this theme, our schedule is going to provide content for every type and level of WordPress fanatic. Check  our our speakers. We have some of the best WordPress experts from Atlanta sharing their time with us.

WordCamp Atlanta

For Beginners

We are having a very hands-on Beginners Workshop on March 8th which is being held at and sponsored by Georgia State University. We believe that having hands-on experience actually using WordPress will be more effective in getting our beginners using WordPress right away. Having the beginners workshop ahead of time will give the beginners the opportunity to attend some of the presentations about using WordPress for business and blogging. The workshop is going to be limited to 50 participants and you will need a laptop computer to attend.

For Kids

There is a big movement going on to teach kids to code. We have had kids attend our previous WordCamps but have not made an effort to provide any kid level programming. This year Russell Fair is designing a WordPress for Kids  workshop that we are really excited about.


Our tracks will be different this year: Very Beginner, Designer, Beginner Developer, Geek Developer.

For Users of All Levels

We are designating Friday March 14th to be the Learn and Earn Tracks. The presentations on Friday will be designed to appeal to people at all levels. These presentations will emphasize the many ways of using WordPress. Such topics as how to use a WordPress site for your business, case studies featuring people talking about their particular use of WordPress sites, how to deploy WordPress in Enterprise Wide Projects, the use of WordPress for particular business sites such as real estate, auctions, directories and e-commerce. This day will be the day to have presentations on doing business as a WordPress Designer/Developer. And the list goes on.

For Designers and Developers of All Levels

Saturday is the “Make” and “Build” day when we are going to provide content for people who want to learn more about creating WordPress sites, at all levels of proficiency, from those beginners just learning the very basic five-minute install to those advanced types who want to add code to core. This year will are making an effort provide content in our program for all the different levels in between.

We recognize that there are also beginning and intermediate designers and beginning and intermediate developers and we want to make sure that our program offers presentations designed to meet the next-step learning needs of these campers too.

Judi Knight

4 thoughts on “WordPress for Everyone!

  1. I am a newbie and would love to come to the beginner workshop. I already made a commitment in the time frame you mentioned. My questions……Will there be other workshops in other areas in Ga? Do I need to take the beginner workshop in order to come to the main workshop.

    I want to carry my blog to higher levels. I want it to reach out in other areas, arts and crafts and animal rescue success stories.

    Thank you,

    Pam roy

    1. Pam, I second what Kathy says although, it will help to get some WordPress experience before Camp. WPBeginner.com has a great free series of beginner WordPress tutorials. Go through those and practice on a site of your own.

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